The Veg Yard is an urban farm network located in Denver, CO. We offer 20-week vegetable and flower CSAs, with produce we grow in Denver. We also provide a lawn-to-vegetable garden service which includes garden consultation and installation.

Our mission is to increase access to nutritious, fresh vegetables grown and distributed in the Denver Metro area, while empowering community members to reconnect with the food system. We will also redirect the crucial resources of water and land from lawns to vegetable gardens. We will provide our lawn transformation clients with food-growing systems that are functional and aesthetically pleasing and provide CSA members with a variety of healthy, locally grown food each week. With our Neighbor Share program, we will distribute excess produce to our local foodbanks.


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Join our CSA (community supported agriculture) program to receive a share of locally grown food or flowers every week during our season. This year we will offer a vegetable share and a flower share grown on our urban farms as well as fruit, bread, egg, and mushroom shares all locally sourced.

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LAWNs-TO-veggies installations AND MAINTENANCE 

We are invested in redirecting homeowner resources and helping everyone grow some of their own food. We offer lawn-to-garden consultation and transformation services. Email us at thevegyard@gmail.com with inquiries.


neighbor share PROGRAM

To give back to our community, we will donate a portion of our produce to our local food bank. We invite our Lawns-to-Veggies clients and CSA members with gardens to donate any produce they are not able to consume as well.